Dig a grave

have a shave

Dictionary of Australian slang . 2013.

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  • dig own grave — dig (your) own grave to do something stupid that will cause problems for you in the future. He s dug his own grave really. If he d been a bit more cooperative in the first place they might still employ him …   New idioms dictionary

  • dig (the grave) — Noun. A shave. Rhyming slang. E.g. Can you give me 10 minutes, I need to have a dig and clean my teeth …   English slang and colloquialisms

  • dig a grave — Australian Slang have a shave …   English dialects glossary

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  • grave — {{11}}grave (adj.) 1540s, from M.Fr. grave (14c.), from L. gravis weighty, serious, heavy, grievous, oppressive, from PIE root *gru (Cf. Skt. guruh heavy, weighty, venerable; Gk. baros weight, barys heavy in weight, often with the notion of… …   Etymology dictionary

  • grave — n. 1) to dig a grave 2) to desecrate a grave 3) amass; pauper s; unmarked; watery grave 4) at a grave (to pray at a grave) 5) (misc.) a gravedigger * * * [greɪv] pauper s unmarked watery grave (misc.) a gravedigger amass …   Combinatory dictionary

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